Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To Do A Relationship Vlog or No ...That is The Question!

     So I have a dilemma. I want to hear yalls opinions. As a youtuber people be like "ur a blessing to mankind" ...I dont want to hear that shit today, I want ur honesty. 

     So recently I was forced (long story) to put up a trailer to the daily vlogs my boyfriend and I will be putting out this fall. The video has gone viral! Everyone is very excited about it and my youtube channel is growing like crazy now. BUT im having second thoughts.

     I HATE relationship vlogs, I feel like they put too much pressure on their relationship and the relationships of their followers. I feel like they are bragging to single people. I feel like it shames single people's lifestyle choices. THE LIST GOES ON. 

   So you're probably asking yourself...then why you doin it bitch? Because when I looked up "black gay couple" on youtube...their was no vlogs and I mean ZERO. I instantly thought of all the millions of black gay kids who have made the same search and found nothing...and that made me very sad. The reason I know I can accomplish my goals is because ive seen people who look like me accomplish similar goals. 

   I also dont think people understand how lonely it is to be black and gay. Other races assume ur a criminal and ur own race assumes your a demon spawn from hell. I decided to ignore my personal annoyances with the couple vlog genre. Why? Because, The first chat room I ever was in when I was like 14. I announced I was gay and the first comment-er said "ur black and gay...u know ur going to get AIDS and die right?" I believed him, because that's all I saw on my TV. 

   So basically I decided to do this because I want to show young black gay boys that, that is not true and you can have any kind of life you want. On the other hand I feel odd about putting my relationship on display.

    So now you see what im dealing with. Help me please? Seriously say anything I need to hear yalls opinions.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Mansion Party!

Alright so Wednesday Night as some of you may or may not know .... (i don't know how you don't i've been talking about it forever) I was on TV! 

So my boss and I put together a lil party ( it was a HUGE party) at one of her friend's Mansions in Beverly Hills. It was LAVISH! Imma stop talking and start posting pics cause that's what yall want anyways lol.


Well there ya go! That was the party in a nutshell! It was one of the best nights of my life! Also I would like to thank all my viewers who came out to support me!

Oh Yeah! Before I go I want to say thank you for your support of me! Because of you guys the show's ratings jumped 150%!! How crazy is that you guys? ThanQ and God bless America!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Im On TV!

Hey you guys I know it has been a while, but a lot has been going on and I needed to get a lot done. Im back to blogging now. A new blog will be posted every Saturday! I did not announce this in my video because I wanted the people who REALLY follow my blog to be informed FIRST!

Ok so lets talk about Reality TV shall we? It's fun as long as you don't take it too seriously. Which I don't and won't ever. Lets be serious reality tv stars are like the bottom of the barrel when it comes to being a public figure lol. Who knows though maybe this will start something new and interesting in my life. I pray it does. ~_-

I have went through so much in my time of not blogging I almost feel like a new person. A stronger person and I really didn't think i could get much stronger lol. I remember when I lived in Chicago in '08 when even the littlest stress in my relationship, work or school; would just have me in tears and be over whelming for me ( i would even feel a pressing pain in my stomach). Now when stress comes I handle it like a warrior and I move on! I have such a great support system! I have awesome friends, a SUPER best-friend, a great family, and a simply wonderful boyfriend. My corner is packed with good people who would fight for me and I would fight for them. This is why IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY!

Alright i'm done blogging for today more to come soon! My blogs will be a lot more down to earth than usual. Really showing yall my struggles and triumphs. LOVE u guys always! <3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Want White Teeth? Stay away from this stuff!

Even though dentists have been recommending nothing but soft bristles for years, the medium and hard ones are still on the market. Enough people stubbornly believe they have to attack their teeth to get them clean and white, that cannot be further from the truth.

Whitening teeth too often with whitening strips and gels will make them look translucent and blue!!!

 Nicotine causes brown stains that penetrate the groves and pits of tooth enamel and can be hard to remove by brushing alone. The longer you smoke, the more entrenched the stains become. Smoking also causes bad breath and gingivitis (gum disease), and increases risk of oral cancers.

Here's an easy way to tell if a food might be at fault: Anything that can stain a white cotton T-shirt can stain teeth, say dentists. To stop it from staining your teeth please brush and wash your mouth out afterwards.

Antibacterial mouthwashes -- containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride -- also stain teeth. Some antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs, and antihypertensive medications cause tooth stains, as can iron and excess fluoride found in Toothpastes even! 

 Alright well that's all the things I can think about that can stain your teeth! I hope this helps you in your Pearly White Journey! Bye Yall! See you next time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

By Beauty Skin Care Regimen

So ever since I started making videos,  I’ve been getting questions about my skin and how I keep my face looking so smooth. So here is one of my secrets!

Before I go to bed I wash my face with African Black Soap.

*Black Soap combines Shea Butter’s healing and hydrating properties with the ancient medicinal properties of palm ash, plantain peel, tar and tamarind to balance and resolve skin.  The deep cleaning formula aids exfoliation and promotes new cell growth to reveal radiant, fresh and healthy skin.

Did you know that Cleopatra herself used Black Soap religiously!?

Then I moisturize with Unrefined African Shea Butter.

*Unrefined Shea Butter contains a rich amount of unresolvable fatty acid which renders it superior to other moisturizers. Shea Butter provides all the essential vitamins needed to make skin look and feel smoother, softer and most importantly, healthier. It also fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, damaged skin.
Good night ;)

In the morning I wash my face with Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub 

This unique formula combines natural soy extracts with smooth, round micro-beads to gently exfoliate while you cleanse, leaving the skin soft, smooth and even-looking. And on top of that it leaves your skin with a radiant glow that lasts all day long.

I then Moisturize with AMBI Essentials Daily Moisturizer

This dermatologist-tested moisturizer contains SPF 15 protection and the light, oil-free formula deeply nourishes skin without heavy ingredients.

Let’s not forget the lips yall!

I swear by Bigelow lip blam! One application will keep your lips perfectly soft and moisturized for hours.

Here are some beauty channels I follow very closely.
Petrilude SongBirdDiva4Life AndreasChoice
Bubzbeauty and Stranger Speaks

Well that was that! I hope yall enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any other beauty questions you want me to help you out with!

Kay peace! Love you!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Everything around me looked gray.

Hey yall! So.. for some odd reason lots of people in my real life and in my online life think that I am always happy. Well let me break your heart now before this lie gets any bigger. I am NOT always happy, actually most of the time I'm not.  Now don't get worried or think that this blog is going to be about me complaining about my current state of life and asking yall for donations. lol I personally think that is a bit pathetic.

I have learned that happiness is a choice. It's a mental and spiritual decision saying that you are not content with the current way you are feeling and you want better.

Ok before I get all Dalai Lama on that butt, let me back track and tell yallz the real deal!

Yesterday I woke up happy... i usually do wake up happy. Then throughout the day thoughts, worries, and stresses started to surround my mind. (probably because I chose to stay inside on a gorgeous Saturday) In a matter of minutes I was in a complete funk. It seemed like everything around me looked gray and i lost my sense of destiny and drive.

I'm not going to go into why I was upset because I want everyone to relate to my situation. I feel like when you get down to specifics you kind of lose the power to relate to a larger audience. Does that make sense?

Anyhoo!! I decided that I was not content with how i was currently feeling and I wanted better! So I took to facebook!! I reached out to my friends and asked them to send me titles of Motivational and Inspirational movies. In a matter of minutes I was reading about all these great movies. It was nice to see people that actually cared about me enough to help me out of my funk.

The first movie I watched spoke to me the most. "The Pursuit of Happyness"

If you were wondering, yes I did cry ... i cried a lot. I related to it on both ends. I felt what that child was feeling when I was a child. I feel what the father was feeling in my present situation.

Life is a fight, well for me it is. It's a fight to be better, get better, see better, love better, give better, feel better and live better. If you want these things you have to fight for it and most of the time you are fighting yourself. I think the hardest person to fight is yourself. Because you can trick and undermine you the best. Once you have beaten yourself I think the rest is a down hill battle. The world can't tell you "no you can't" if all you are hearing is "yes i can".

Once I was done watching the movie I felt motivated. Motivated to go after my dreams and start making bigger and better videos and blogs for y'all to enjoy. The funny thing about motivation is that it wares off, but you have to keep searching for it. In songs, in movies, in art, in quotes, in books and wherever else you can find it. Then hold on to it as long as possible and when it wears off, just get up and go look for it again. Motivation truly is the fuel that will get you to your goal.

Ok well I think I've said everything I wanted to say and a little bit more with this post, so I'm done! I will close this post with a nice quote though that motivated me this morning.

"If you are going through hell, keep going."~ Winston Churchill